10th May 2017

myenergi hits Orkney for the EcoCars event to showcase zappi

Jordan and Mike from myenergi drove 595 miles up to Orkney in the companies branded Nissan Leaf to support Jonathan Porterfield and Neil Kermode of Ecocars with their event and to promote the zappi.

Robert Llewelyn (actor, presenter, writer, eco activist) was also in Orkney for the event to review a Tesla P 100D S model and check out all the renewable technology going on in the fascinating little cluster of islands at the very top of Scotland.


Robert took a liking to myenergi’s little product zappi so much so that he and his crew decided to film one of their famous ‘Fully Charged’ episodes just on the zappi which will be aired in a few months time to his 165k subscribers.

This is an absolute honor for the myenergi team who were all big fans of Robert and his work long before meeting him.

zappi has already won ‘Product of the Future’ award in Ireland and in March of this year raised £15,000 in pre-orders.  myenergi will be launching their first two products eddi and zappi on their website for the public to purchase in June 2017.

“I cannot believe we drove all the way there and back totting up a total of 1200 FREE miles, emitting 0 emissions into the atmosphere. It had it’s challenges at times, simply because we were in an early model Nissan leaf with limited range, which is perfect for running around town but not as good as the latest models for long distances. However, whenever we got a little bit stuck or a charge point was offline, we were quickly supported by other EV drivers from all over the country on twitter. It really is a lovely growing community. Other EV drivers made the journey up from as far as London in brand new EV’s, only having to stop and rapid charge a few times. I really want people to go out and at least test drive an EV, especially if you have solar panels or a wind turbine because you could be charging your car for completely free with zappi at home.” says Jordan.

Jordan and Mikes trip was carefully planned using zap-map, electric highways and evmaps. Big journeys like that can be done and it’s only going to get easier as more and more rapid charge points pop up all over the country and technology, apps and battery life of vehicles improve. As it already is doing at a rapid pace.

“I thought I would be a petrol head forever and had never really looked into Electric Vehicles, but after this weekend I’m sold, especially after test driving various different models. I was also amazed at how quick rapid chargers do actually charge the vehicle. We stopped for 20 minutes got food and drink at the services and off we went again…for free, as our energy provider is green energy company ecotricity.” explained Mike Brompton.

If you’re interested in learning more about Electric Vehicle’s or Renewable energy subscribe to Robert’s YouTube channel and keep up to date with what’s going on in the industry. Look out for our zappi episode airing in a couple of months time.

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