12th April 2019

Meet our Green Team: Kennedy Gardiner

As one of the first members of our Green Team, Kennedy Gardiner has seen myenergi grow and evolve. Having contributed to our journey so heavily in a variety of areas – from packing and distribution to production, customer service and dispatch, Kennedy’s role has expanded alongside the business’s growth.

“I fit wherever I’m needed,” says Kennedy, who recently earned her new title as myenergi Sales Administrator. “My role has been a bit of everything: I started on dispatch: packing all of the products and making the palettes and then moved to production, helping to build the zappis, eddis and using soldering machines.

“I am so excited to have gained the role as Sales Administrator. Being a part of such an inspirational, innovative, passionate company is amazing.”

Learning on the job

Introduced to the team through her sister (and our sales Director) Jordan, Kennedy has developed a range of skills since joining myenergi, an opportunity she has very much grabbed with both hands.

“It’s totally different to anything I’ve done in the past; I was totally new to it,” she says. “Before I started, I didn’t even know how to hold a screwdriver! I’ve learned a lot and am now teaching other people, which is cool.

“I can’t wait to continue expanding my knowledge and growing with the company.”

Evolving with myenergi

It’s not just Kennedy who has developed her skills and evolved, though. The business itself has seen tremendous growth during Kennedy’s time here, expanding into new units and more than quadrupling the size of the team.

Kennedy still remembers the early days of myenergi, though, when she first joined as a part-time member of the Green Team.

“When myenergi started, there were four of us in production, three in the office and three in Research and Development (RND). In four months, more than 30 people have joined the production team, while seven have joined the office. We also have a whole new RND section!

“In the beginning, everyone was doing everything to get the product completed. Now, we all have separate sections. For example, production was recently split into two shifts – day and night – allowing us to run all day. Before, when there were just four of us, it was 9am-5pm.”

Kennedy sees the business’s accelerated growth as a fantastic thing, not just for the team, but for the environment and the planet as a whole.

“Seeing the business grow so fast tells us there’s obviously a big calling for renewable energy,” she says. “For myenergi to have succeeded at the level it has in such a short amount of time demonstrates the market and opportunity.

“There’s a lot of positivity and stuff to look forward to.”

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A taste for renewable energy

As has been the case with every new addition to our Green Team, Kennedy has got increasingly on board with the renewables and sustainability lifestyle, matching the myenergi mission.

She says: “Once you’ve had a taste of renewable energy and you know how much better it is to run on it, why wouldn’t you want to? It saves the planet and saves you money!”

Driving the change

As myenergi has grown, we have seen renewable energy get a lot more attention from the government, public and corporate influencers. But the work does not stop there, according to Kennedy.

“The warning signs for global warming have always been there,” she says. “I remember seeing adverts about car sharing and being more environmentally friendly at school. But the government is engaging more with the idea of renewables than ever before, which gives the public more trust.

“The public has more of a voice now than ever before, and we are working towards a better future for everyone.”

Kennedy has just completed her studies at University. She believes the onus is on her generation to continue driving the change.

“Most of my friends are at an age where they’re looking to buy their first car, and some are now considering electric. Our younger generation are the ones that need the knowledge, as they’re the ones who are going to have the biggest influence on your future.

“Whenever I explain myenergi to my friends, they are all wowed by how great it is.

Part of the Green Team

As a key part of the business from early on, Kennedy has become close friends with many of the Green Team, and is often organising social activities to help maintain our fantastic teamwork and ethic.

“The thing I love the most about myenergi is that we’re all friends and that we form an excellent community,” she says. “We all just want what’s best for the business and everyone is really excited about the future of myenergi.”

It is this commitment to the cause that helps bring our team together and remain so positive about everything they do.

Kennedy continues: “We may all work in different departments, but nobody ever just sticks to their station; we all help out wherever we can. Positivity is so crucial in business growth, and for this reason, we do lots of things together, both in and outside of work.

“Things like going to the pub quiz together are really important because it helps us develop such a supportive team and open work environment.”

Staying ahead of the game

Kennedy has seen myenergi grow at a fantastic rate, but she welcomes competition in the industry.

“It’s so important to always stay one step ahead of your competitors, but it’s nice that there are other companies doing similar things to us. At the end of the day, that’s what we want to promote: greener energy.”

Despite appreciating the increased attention towards sustainability, Kennedy also acknowledges myenergi’s ability to remain ahead of the game and at the forefront of innovation.

“There are lots of ways in which we’ve been able to stay ahead. Social media, for instance, has been great in spreading the word, but we also have the brains, facilities and talent capable of producing our amazing products.”

Want to explore the amazing products Kennedy is referring to? Check out the myenergi products page and get in touch with our brilliant team!

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