24th April 2019

Leading The Charge In Ireland | The New Market Leader

We are delighted to announce that myenergi.ie is now the market leader in Ireland for home EV charging!

Zappi, our innovative electric vehicle power outlet, is leading the charge in Ireland, while eddi is following close behind as the diverter of choice for the Irish installer.

How are we leading the charge?

Achievements such as this don’t happen overnight, and we could not have done it without our amazing distributor, BHC Distributors, our Green Team at myenergi HQ, and our fantastic products.

Ireland’s electric vehicle and solar pv sales were just getting going when our products were introduced to the market. This gave BHC Distributors the perfect opportunity to show suppliers our ground-breaking products just as renewables were becoming increasingly popular in the country.

Recent research from Cornwall Insight has found that “the average range of electric cars available on the UK market exceeds 200 miles”. In light of their increased availability and capability, more people are open to purchasing an EV, and are therefore likely to invest in the impressive products that make owning one so seamless and efficient.

myenergi Award Success

zappi was entered into the 2017 SEAI Energy Show Awards and won the Product of the Future category, while also appearing at exhibitions and energy shows across the UK.

Our continued presence at awards and shows has opened the eyes of many people to our sustainable energy-saving products in the UK, Ireland and Europe. If you’d like to discover more about our journey, check out the myenergi story!

Our Suppliers & Installers

Our green products are reliable, effective and save people money. But ultimately, a great deal of our success in Ireland (as well as Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK & Europe) stems from the suppliers and installers who love zappi, eddi and harvi and are so proud to use them.

“There is a great network of installers in Ireland who love the products and continue to purchase from us,” says Pearse McHenry, Managing Director of BHC Distributors. “We are very lucky to work with a great bunch of companies and we hope to continue these relationships in the coming years.”

“We try to work and develop relationships with competent installers who want to sell good quality products. We also encourage them to attend training events, which we hold jointly with myenergi in Ireland.”

Pearse’s role at BHC is “to choose the products we really want to sell and engage with the manufacturers to make that happen”.

“When I heard about myenergi coming to the market with the eddi and zappi, I just knew we had to get involved. We have developed a wonderful working relationship since that initial phone call.”

What are Ireland’s favourite myenergi products?

zappi is the most popular choice at the moment and they “go out to installers as fast as they come into stock,” according to Pearse.

However, Pearse says there is another emerging favourite: “eddi sales have risen exponentially in the past 6 months as the solar pv market in Ireland has started to flourish. It is the installers’ product of choice.”

Why has Ireland chosen myenergi?

“The Irish market likes quality and good value for money,’ Pearse says. “On the whole, Ireland does not just find the cheapest fix but rather the best quality solution.

“The Irish market will research and purchase what has the greatest quality, price and longevity. That pretty much sums up myenergi so we knew the products would be a success.”

myenergi Ireland

We are thrilled to achieve such great success in Ireland and to be a firm favourite among installers over there. Perhaps our green energy revolution has been blessed with the luck of the Irish!

It’s wonderful to see the amazing work of everyone involved with myenergi helping to reduce people’s energy bills and contribute towards saving our planet and we can’t wait to continue our success all over the world!

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