2nd May 2019

The harvi: Renewable Energy Harvesting Device

Picture this: you’ve just installed a system that will enable you to self consume energy and reduce your carbon footprint. What next? Measuring how much energy and money you are saving, of course.

How do you keep track of the energy your sustainable products and renewable sources is saving, we hear you ask? Say hello to harvi, the perfect device for measuring the effectiveness of your amazing efforts towards saving the planet.

What is harvi?

Used in conjunction with zappi and eddi, harvi is an energy harvesting wireless sensor that measures your power output using a current transformer (CT).

Harvi covers all bases as it is able to measure power you’ve generated yourself and from the grid, therefore demonstrating the huge savings you make after installing our smart, sustainable green products.

Jordan Brompton, our co-founder and Sales Director says: “Harvi is the reason why all of our products work so well together. Nobody on the market does what we do in the sense of looking after the whole home’s energy.”

How does harvi work?

By harvesting the power from a sensor clipped between your electricity meter and consumer unit, harvi transmits the import and export information to the load controlling devices, without the need for batteries or wiring.

How is harvi able to operate without batteries or electrical wiring? This clever device is powered purely through the energy harvested from the CT, which is used to transmit the measurements to the zappi and/or eddi.

“Harvi can transmit a signal to your products to show what direction the energy is going in, and how much you’re using, purely from the force field created around the cable,” says Jordan. “It then harvests that energy to power itself.”

Measurements from harvi are extremely fast and accurate, and our wireless power sensor is configurable for the grid, generation and storage management. This flexibility enables you to get a complete overview of your power consumption in terms of:

All without the hassle of changing batteries!

Harvi’s compatibility with other myenergi products

“If someone has solar panels and an eddi, zappi and harvi installed, they’re able to control the flow so that they can split the surface energy between the hot water and the car charging,” says Jordan.

“If you’ve got a battery in your home or any third-party batteries like a Tesla or SolarWatt, we can control the energy so that it goes to the battery first then to our products. You’ll then be able to see what the battery is doing on our app.”

When used in unison, something that is made extremely easy thanks to their compatibility and efficiency, our sustainable green products give you full control over your home to show you the flow of energy.

To learn more about our green products and how each of them combines to enhance the sustainable, self-consumption of green energy, click the links below:

Benefits of using harvi

In addition to increased accuracy and transparency when it comes to your carbon footprint, there are many benefits to installing harvi, especially if you are already using an eddi and/or zappi.

Harvi allows so much flexibility and practicality regarding the installation of the products, and it can be stored in a convenient, easily accessible place thanks to its wall mountability.

If you want to track various energy devices across a large space, you’ll be pleased to know that multiple harvi devices can be used simultaneously on a site, too.

For more details on installation, don’t hesitate to explore the harvi manual, give our friendly Green Team a call or check out the Find an Installer page.

What do our customers say about harvi?

We are more than happy to discuss harvi’s many advantages and perks, but don’t just take our word for it…

Ewan McLaren, one of our wonderful customers, describes harvi as “an amazing product”, while B D Smith says: “Excellent piece of kit. The harvi, located in the meter cupboard outside, reliably sends data to the eddi that is hidden in the airing cupboard on the first floor.”

Hans Harskamp, meanwhile, says: “I am very happy with the zappi and harvi. What great electrical engineering! Your company gives a great and fast service.”

Recently installed a harvi and want to leave your own feedback? Click here!

Install your own harvi

“Our customers are brilliant, loyal advocates of our products, and people are always helping to spread the word,” says Jordan.

If you’d like to become one of our fantastic customers and are interested in installing harvi in your home or building, you can buy yours here now!

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