12th June 2020

SpaceX Launch Schedule 2020: When’s The Next Launch?

Elon Musk broke records once again with the first crewed launch of the incredible Dragon-2 spacecraft. This 2020 milestone is the latest in SpaceX’s launch schedule to make waves in the aerospace industry.

To discover everything you need to know about SpaceX, from its next launch to its incredible history, explore our latest guide below…

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What is SpaceX?

SpaceX, also known as Space Exploration Technologies Corp, is an Aerospace Manufacturer based in California that was founded in 2002.

Originally created as the Mars Oasis by Elon Musk in 2001, its initial goal was to build more affordable rockets to enable the colonisation of Mars. One of their significant aims is to reduce the cost of space transportation and make interplanetary transport more reliable.

The company has grown dramatically since they were founded – from a team of 160 employees in 2005 to a 7,000 strong workforce in late 2019.

Elon Musk’s dream was to make it the furthest life had ever travelled, hoping to land an experimental greenhouse on Mars in which to grow plants. However, the project had to be abandoned as it wasn’t cost-effective enough.

After trying to buy rockets from Russia, Musk realised he could make more affordable rockets himself. SpaceX then shot to fame as pioneers in the Aerospace industry,  and have been breaking records ever since their founding with almost yearly projects.

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SpaceX Launch Schedule 2020

SpaceX is continuing to launch a range of space expeditions throughout 2020, with manned and unmanned spacecraft.

Another seven missions will take place this year that will launch a range of SpaceX Starlink satellites, alongside GPS, navigational, earth observation and communications satellites around the world.

There will also be another manned Falcon 9 mission to the International Space Station, which is scheduled to take place on 30th August. Two NASA astronauts and one JAXA astronaut will be on board.

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What Have SpaceX Achieved?

Amongst many other huge achievements, in 2008 SpaceX became the first privately owned company to launch a liquid-propellant rocket, Falcon 1, to go into orbit around the earth.

They also went on to become the first private company to launch, orbit and then successfully recover a spacecraft. This was a reusable spacecraft called Dragon – the only one of its kind to return significant amounts of cargo to earth.

SpaceX is the first private company to launch an object into orbit around the sun. Elon Musks’ own electric sports car – a Tesla Roadster – was actually used as a dummy payload in 2018!

The famous EV was given its own mannequin driver in a spacesuit called Star Man. It is now the only roadworthy vehicle to be in space, orbiting the sun.

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What is the latest SpaceX News?

SpaceX made history on the 29th May by becoming the first privately owned company to send humans into orbit, and also became the first company of its kind to send humans to the International Space Station (ISS).

The mission was part of the test flight for the spacecraft Dragon-2, and the mission launched spacecraft commanders and NASA astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken to the space station – where they successfully docked on 31st May.

They have made several supply missions to the International Space Station, in partnership with NASA.

Who Owns SpaceX?

SpaceX is one of many Elon Musk inventions. The billionaire entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla made his fortune selling his two incredibly successful companies PayPal and Zip2.

After founding SpaceX in 2002 and becoming the CEO and lead designer, Musk went on to join Tesla Motors Inc. (now Tesla) in 2004 – and became its CEO and product architect the following year.

When is the Next SpaceX Launch?

SpaceX has created a communications satellite constellation, known as Starlink. When completed, this will involve thousands of small satellites in orbit around the earth, providing internet access.

SpaceX is scheduled to launch a Falcon 9 Rocket on the 12th June, which will include the eighth batch of 60 Starlink satellites – the mission has been labelled Starlink 8.

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The decade-long project is estimated to have cost $10 billion by 2018, and provides internet to North America and Canada – with a view to becoming worldwide by 2021.

The innovation, drive and ingenuity of the SpaceX team goes beyond space exploration – as they plan to improve the lives of millions of people by providing internet access and world-leading research.

Here at myenergi, using technology to benefit the lives of everyone on our planet is an integral part of what we do. By pooling our resources and coming together, we can achieve real advancements that revolutionise the way we live our lives.

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