11th August 2020

Meet Carsten Pattberg: Our New Managing Partner

Vice president at SolarWatt… President for Solar World… It’s safe to say that our new Managing Partner, Carsten Pattberg, brings a wealth of experience to myenergi.

Carsten joined our team in January 2020, and now heads up our new HQ in Cologne, Germany.

The renewable energy expert has arrived with great enthusiasm and ambitions for myenergi, and says he cannot wait to help take us to the next level of growth overseas.

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Where it all began

Carsten has known our co-founders Jordan Brompton and Lee Sutton for some time now, having first met Jordan in Germany.

“I met Carsten through my Irish Distributor, and went over to see him at Intersolar Europe, in Munich, Germany,” says Jordan. “We hit it off and have been friends in the industry ever since.”

As growing business partners in the sector, it was not long before Jordan and Lee turned to Carsten to ask for his thoughts on how myenergi should be introduced in Germany. This, in his own words, was “a big opportunity.”

“My first impression of myenergi was that they had a great team with modest yet passionate, convincing, fun and open co-founders in Jordan and Lee,” he says.

“When I first met Jordan, she was easy to connect with, and I could tell straight away that she was powerful, green, and entirely convinced of myenergi’s expertise and potential.

“I knew that myenergi were young, fast-growing, small yet innovative and extremely fast, with very good energy.”

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Carsten & Jordan at the myenergi HQ’s in February 2020

Who is Carsten Pattberg?

Carsten Pattberg has travelled the world working in the renewables sector, taking his expertise and wealth of experience from Europe to the Middle East, Africa to Asia.

He has always worked in and around sales, stemming back to his days as Director of Sales & Marketing for a filtration company in the early 2000s. From there, Carsten joined Rational AG, heading up the cooking appliance manufacturer’s European exports.

It was not until 2011 that Carsten fully immersed himself in the world of solar power and renewable technology, something he describes as happening “more or less by accident.”

Carsten became SolarWorld’s Director of Sales in 2011, before being promoted to Vice President of Sales within a few years at the photovoltaic (PV) product manufacturer and marketer.

“I used to live in the UK,” says Carsten, who now resides in Cologne, Germany, complete with his own zappi, hub,harvi and eddi. “And in 2011, I was approached by Solar World to run the international sales business. I began to understand the advantage and benefits of PV very quickly.

“Today, I’m convinced. I live by renewable energy.”

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After six very successful years, Carsten left Solar World to become Vice President of SolarWatt, Germany.

“We are delighted to have won over such an experienced sales expert with Carsten Pattberg,” SolarWatt’s CEO said at the time. “And we are proud that SolarWatt as an employer has such a positive impact that we were able to turn the heads of several experts from SolarWorld our way.”

Fast-forward two-and-a-half years, and everyone at myenergi is very pleased to have Carsten on board. Our new Managing Partner has been involved in the sector for several years, and he believes a lot has changed since his first position at SolarWorld.

“The broad awareness of the public outside of the industry has increased thanks to rising energy costs and the consequences of climate change.

“PV is now accepted as proven and safe, and lots of different technologies are now working side by side. The beauty of solar power is that the energy of the sun is there, it’s green, and it’s endless.

“We are going through an energy transition that is fast and unstoppable.”

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The journey so far

Now entering his sixth month as Managing Partner at myenergi, Carsten describes his time here as “perfect” so far.

“The business is even better than planned. The level of support, the quality of product, and the systems and trust in place are very good.

“The trustful relationship between myself, Jordan and Lee was what initially attracted me to myenergi. My aim is to bring the company into a leading position in the domestic segment in Germany.”

What next?

Throughout his career, Carsten has demonstrated his ability and eagerness to develop both people and businesses, and lead them to success. He says he is delighted to “be part of the success story of myenergi” and to have the opportunity to share his experience and knowledge.

Having worked in the solar and renewables sector for almost a decade, he believes his “experience in setting up and rising sales organisations” will be one of the key things he brings to myenergi.

What does he hope will happen with myenergi and the renewable industry? “To proceed as it is already, only faster, and more global.”

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