Dr Chris Horne


Dr Chris Horne – Chief Technical Officer


An expert in engineering, innovation and next-generation technology, Chris is a true industry pioneer.


As a teenager, he used to buy old radios, salvage the components and build early prototypes of smart home technology devices. He holds an honours degree from Imperial College London and a PhD in Electrical Machines from Cambridge University.


Prior to joining myenergi, he worked with a diverse range of leading businesses and has extensive experience in the power industry. His work has included developing the electrical systems for ships and other marine power systems, as well as for industrial power generation applications, large power stations and distribution systems. During his time at PowerGen (now E.ON), he pioneered a number of market innovations and the products created by his team were shortlisted for innovation awards.


With particular experience in electric vehicles, he was responsible for installing the first on-street charging point in the UK and has spent many years leading innovation to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy demand and increase the use of renewable power.


As part of an illustrious career, he has worked in both the UK and Germany. For a number of years, he led a large innovation department spread across the two countries.


“Being part of a team with such enthusiasm, creativity and exciting new ideas – based on solid engineering principles but showcasing real innovation and a focus on the customer – makes every day thoroughly enjoyable!”