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 Installer Training & Webinars

With Jonno Smith

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Product Inquires

  • If you’re a proud owner of a myenergi device or want to know more about how they work before investing, please feel free to email Jonno with any questions for may have at
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Installer Training Webinars

Would you like to be a approved myenergi installer?

If the answer is Yes, then join Jonno for an in-depth training session which is held every Wednesday  morning at 9:30am.

There are Only 20 positions available for each seminar so you must register to reserve your place.

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Installer Schedule:

Morning Schedule

Start time 9:30am,
Introduction to myenergi & product line-up
30-minute break,
Installation, Pairing & commissioning of myenergi products
Finish time 1:30pm.

How To Register:

All dates are displayed below, installer training spaces are limited to 20 places per webinar, click the registration link and enter your details to secure a place.

Leave Us A Review:

If you have already attended a webinar and enjoyed learning about our products, please feel free to give us some feedback here.

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Remember to tune into the new ExtremeE racing. myenergi has sponsored ‘Xite energy racing’ for this event. It is a racing event like no other. One, we at myenergi would love for you to be apart of.

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Book your place.

Wednesday 9:30am  – 1:30pm (4 hr duration) 

All booking’s are taken through the link below. We do not accept booking’s via email. you are only required to join the webinar once. 

Register Here


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Obtain your certificate.

After attending the installer webinar you must fill out our Installer Application Form to receive your certificate. click here

Please remember to fill out this application form once the webinar has finished.

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Install with confidence

You have now gained valuable knowledge of the myenergi product range. From here, you will be able to install our devices with confidence. Remember, the learning doesn’t stop here. You should always ask questions you are still unsure of. If you have questions unanswered or you feel you need some part of the training explaining again, Jonno will be more than happy to assist. Please email at

flexible, reliable and user-friendly products

“I have used Myenergi products almost since setting up my business 2 years ago. If you want flexible, reliable and user friendly products you have to check out the Myenergi range. The tech team are also brilliant!”

Sam Featherston at OVAL Renewables
approved myenegi Installer
Sam Oval Renewables
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