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300 Days on Renewable Energy: How Record-Breaking Costa Rica Embraced Renewables

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Costa Rica is a Central American nation well-known for its coffee and warm weather, but more recently it’s a place famous for its commitment to renewable energy.

Discover how it is pioneering positive change and encouraging a brighter future for our planet below…

Costa Rica runs on renewable energy for 300 days

Costa Rica’s impressive achievements in the sustainability sector stem back to 2015, when the country was able to run on 100% renewable energy for 76 days. This was of course, a remarkable achievement for a small country.

The decision-makers in Costa Rica did not stop there, though. Since then, they have continued their ground-breaking, leading commitment to renewable energy.

Costa Rica recently reached an incredible milestone: running on renewable energy for 300 days straight. But what effect does this have on the planet? And how has the country achieved this? First, we must start by asking…

What is renewable energy? 

Renewable energy is power generated from a source that is not exhausted when used. Sources stem from natural elements, drawing energy from wind via turbines and the sun via solar panels, for instance.

An alternative to fossil fuels – which are causing great damage to our planet and environment – renewable energy is a viable solution to global warming. It is clean, recyclable and the key to our mission to create a sustainable future.

How has Costa Rica ran on renewable energy for so long?

renewables - myenergiCosta Rica is a small country, with a population of little over 5 million. Its size – in relation to the likes of the U.S and the UK – does make it slightly easier to ignite such impactful change over short time. But this should take nothing away from Costa Rica’s achievements in renewable energy.

The Central American country was an early adopter of renewable energy, making full use of wind turbines, solar panels, geothermal and hydroelectric plants, the latter of which are extremely productive given Costa Rica’s volcanic regions and rainfall statistics.

Since 2016, Costa Rica has maintained that at least 98% of its electricity production was clean, almost completely renouncing fossil fuels in the last few years. By 2021, it plans to be completely carbon neutral. If this climate policy is carried through, Costa Rica would be the first ever nation to achieve complete carbon neutrality.

How you can generate and self-consume your own renewable energy

We can learn a lot from Costa Rica’s efforts towards solving the climate crisis. From reducing your carbon footprint to decreasing your reliance on fossil fuels, every change you make is a step towards saving our planet.

Each of our renewable green products – from zappi, our electric vehicle charger to eddi, our energy diverter – has been designed to cut down your bills and reliance on the grid, and therefore help to save our planet.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can join our mission to create a more sustainable future, explore our blog now!300 Days on Renewable Energy: How record-breaking Costa Rica embraced renewables