zappi v1Configuration

  1. Settings
  2. Pre-conditioning

1. Settings

All settings are described in the Main Menu section, however, the more commonly altered settings are described in more detail below.

Time & Date

The date and time are used for the Boost Timer and the savings calculations and therefore should be set correctly.

In the event of a power-cut, zappi will still keep track of the time and date for a few days, so when power is restored the clock will not need to be reset.

Time is always in 24-hour format but the date format can be changed.

zappi will automatically adjust the clock for Daylight Savings Time (DST) as long as Auto DST is enabled and the correct time zone is selected.


2. Pre-conditioning

On the zappi 1 it is possible to set a pre-conditioning mode to allow the EV to draw power from the mains rather than from EV’s battery.

Pre-conditioning feature has 3 modes: OFF / NORMAL / FULL POWER

  • OFF – EV cannot draw power after “Charge complete”
  • NORMAL – EV cannot draw power after “Charge complete” when in ECO+ mode, unless there is enough surplus generation power.
  • FULL POWER – EV can always draw power after “Charge complete”
To make sure that the EV always uses the mains for pre-coniditioning then
  • Set the pre-conditioning mode to FULL POWER and
  • set a Timed Boost to coincide with the preconditioning time.

Note that this feature is not provided on a zappi 2 – For zappi 2 a Timed Boost should always be set to coincide with the pre-conditioning time