zappi 1 – Firmware Version 3.101

27/11/2020 – Previous version 2.237

This is a major update which includes a number of new features as well as improvements and bug fixes.  Please read these release notes carefully before installing the new firmware.

Note:  To install this firmware on your zappi you first need to update the hub to firmware version 3.041 or above.

Instructions on how to update the firmware on your zappi and other myenergi devices can be found -> here <-

Major changes in this release

 “Stop Mode”

Stop Mode can be set using the local controls or from the app.

In this mode Zappi will not charge. This includes Boost Timers.

ECO+ Plug-In Charge? option

When set, the zappi will do a short charge at max allowed PWM.  The duration of the charge can be adjusted up to 30 seconds

This feature was introduced on zappi 2 in an attempt to sort out charging problems with the VW e-Golf and the Tesla Model 3.   If the charge point does not go to full power when the car is plugged in, both vehicles (sometimes) get stuck at lower charge rates.

New Features

  • STOP mode added
  • Unlock from APP if PIN Lock set
  • ECO+ Plug-In Charge? option


Improved synchronisation of device config on zappi and server.  Makes setting of timed boost more reliable

  • Improved power tracking
  • Grid limit function improvements
  • Improved interaction with DC battery
  • Improved handling of AC batteries and power diverters
  • It is now possible to define what mode the zappi boots into after a power cut / reboot
  • Improved tracking of values when in network mode (ie when Harvi attached)
  • Charge start/stop cycling if grid limit set for a small fuse
  • Grid limit for harvi reduced to 65A max (due to limitation in harvi measurement range)
  • For hardwired harvi max value of the grid limit is 100A
  • Grid Limit can now be set from 13A to 100A(65A) by 1A increments
  • Export Margin Maximum increased to 10kW
  • Display “DSR” logo on main screen of zappi if providing demand response

Bug Fixes

  • Tap sensor sometimes not turning on backlight
  • Lock function logic corrected – charge was allowed when it should have been blocked
  • Green percentage figures sometimes wrong
  • Backlight stays on after pairing / attempting to pair a device
  • Display issue related to boost timer – strange characters displayed near clock symbol
  • Boost Timer icon is displayed on main screen when a boost would have started despite the EV being disconnected.
  • Grid CT not showing in Information 2/4
  • “Grid Limiting” always shown after limit has been exceeded, even though the grid has come back well below the limit, but not enough to start charging when in ECO+ mode
  • Grid Limit not stopping charge when PWM is at MIN and Grid Limit is still exceeded
  • Compatibility Mode OFF seems to not work properly – PWM not reducing to 12%.
  • “Waiting – Grid Limit” showing after limit event and EV has been disconnected.
  • Plugging in when there is not enough available current to start due to Grid Limit, results in bursts of PWM and the EV reporting an error. Pause icon and “Grid Limiting” text flashes rapidly.
  • Grid limit setting of 000A now displayed as “OFF”
  • Pause Icon rapidly flashing and display showing “Waiting Surplus” when there is enough to start.
  • PWR NOW not updating frequently enough
  • If mode changed from ECO+ to FAST, charging does not start until “Waiting for Surplus” timer has timed out
  • Harvi CTs could be set to “Internal Load” or “Monitor”.  This is not supported and should not have been possible
  • If EV reduced power slowly in response to import power being detected timer race could occur.  Fixed by ensuring that ECO+ Start/Stop timer cannot be less than 30s
  • If mode change during “Waiting for Surplus” start counter, nothing happens until the counter has timed out.
  • PWR Min not taking power factor into account
  • Corrected issue with calculation of MGL with Renault Zoe
  • Tidied up various menus / displays
  • Device limit can overwrite compatibility mode
  • Charged boost values doubling up if pre-conditioning charge takes place after main charge is complete
  • Unexpected time boost occurs if timed boost set to run past midnight and not set the same every day
  • Fixed: Pre-Conditioning setting is lost after a firmware update
  • Shows “Testing” message when doing smart boost test
  • Clock stops if “Update from Cloud” is set to “Off”
  • Fix for leapyear bug in RTC menu.
  • Fixed – Zappi shows charging continuing if EV goes to C2 state after Charge Complete?
  • YYMMDD format on main screen.