zappi 2 – Firmware Version 102

10/01/2021 – Previous version 3.092

Before upgrading the zappi please ensure that your hub also has version 3.051 firmware or above installed

Instructions on how to update the firmware on your zappi and other myenergi devices can be found -> here <-

New Features

  • New eSense Modes Added : Stop & Limit.

With these modes, an external signal connected to the eSense input can be used to limit or halt the zappi output. This meets the requirement in some countries for EV chargers to respond to a demand control signal from the electricity distribution company.
– When limit is selected and when the eSense is active, the charge rate will be restricted to the set limit (12% – 53% pwm, 7.2 – 31.8A), in all charging modes and irrespective of an active Boost.
– When Stop is selected the unit will stop charging. This mode is forced and cannot be altered either by pressing the buttons on the unit or using the app. When the eSense is no longer present, the charge mode will revert its previous setting

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issues where the Default Mode is not always stored after being updated
  • Swedish translation causes the zappi to crash when Readings screen 3 accessed.


  • Added additional information on the Readings screens to provide details of radio traffic