zappi 2 – Firmware Version 2.121 – Release Notes


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The zappi 2 – Firmware Version 2.121 update includes a number of improvements based on feedback received from people who have been using the new zappi since it was released in July.  These notes provide details of the new functionality provided as well as the bug fixes and other enhancements.

Instructions on how to update the firmware on your zappi and other myenergi devices can be found -> here <-

zappi 2 – Firmware Version 2.121 new functionality

Socket Lock

For untethered versions, the charge cable is now locked into the socket on the zappi as soon as the cable is plugged in (even if the other end of the cable is not plugged into an EV).

zappi 2 - Firmware Version 2.121

When the cable is locked into the socket a small ‘lock’ icon will be seen on the right side of the Zappi, in the centre of the screen.

When the EV has finished charging or it has been unplugged, the display will show “(+) to unlock cable

lock 2

When the EV is disconnected, a press on the “+” key will unlock the plug for a duration of 5 seconds, allowing the plug to be removed from Zappi. The screen will show “Cable released“.

After this time, the lock will be re-activated.

If the ‘Lock Function’ (PIN lock) feature is enabled in the zappi, the cable will be not locked into the socket until the PIN is entered and EV charging starts. This means that if anyone plugs their cable into the zappi but they do not know the PIN they are able to remove their cable.

In all cases the cable is unlocked if zappi detects a fault or the power supply to the zappi is switched off.

Security Password for PIN Lock

If you have set up a PIN to lock the zappi and forget what the PIN is, you can now contact myenergi technical support ( who will provide you with a unique passcode to unlock the unit.

Compatibility with IT Earthing Systems

Note:  This is an advanced feature that should only be changed by the installer.

Zappi v2 includes a check to make sure that there is a good earth connection on the supply cable.  If there is a problem with the earth cable then zappi will display a warning and prevent the output to the vehicle being turned on.

In some countries the electrical supply arrangements are different (referred to as “IT Earthing”) and this feature will not work correctly.    With this firmware release the “PE Earth Check” can be turned off under the Compatibility Mode… settings on the Advanced… menu


Can charge directly legacy EVs at startup (from C1 state)

Reactive Current display in “Compatibility Mode” screen

Removed Phase Rotation Checks

Power Factor is recorded and used in State B to adjust minimum green level (MGL)

Adjusted PP values to meet IEC 61851-1

Protective Earth (PE) contactor is now closed at a B2->C2 transition.

New Sequence : PE Contactor, RCD SelfTest, Relay, Contactor

Plug detection using PP & CP

Plug Locked as soon as cable inserted (untethered version – see above)

Adjusted LCD graphics (unlock symbol & ev cable)

Pin Lock : zappi cannot be soft reset anymore

CT2 and CT3 menus can now be accessed in 3ph zappis. Settings can’t be changed must happen while changing CT1 settings

Updated Dutch Translation

ECO+ mode : PWM is now ON after a Restart Sequence. There is no need for another cycle through “Waiting for surplus” anymore

Added delay before enabling SelfTest : allow for fault checks

Power not to be alloted when “Charge Delayed” or “Waiting for EV..” or when Zappi is locked

“End Charge Delay” default changed to 40s

“RCD Checking..” message is now synchronised to RCD protection board status

PWM is forced to min before 1A is drawn (avoid inrush current)

Improved switching of PE contactor.

Minimum Green Level to use Compatibility mode PWM before session starts : enable min power at 1.4kW instead of 1.6kW. After that, Zappi uses the last measured power factor from the EV itself.

Bug Fixes

Phase switching when Manual Boost ends

Radio Reset/Config Reset/Factory reset doesn’t generate an error code anymore (MEL_Alloc)

Socket Lock & Pin Lock do not conflict anymore

Pause timer was displayed in ECO and FAST mode

Socket to be unlocked when fault is detected

Time Zones are now working

PE Contactor OFF when Pilot is Dx

Used to bypass pin lock and enabled charge

Used to lock plug if locked zappi and legacy EV inserted

Known Issues

The following known issues remain to be fixed:

– 3 phase zappi, built-in CT’s not interpreted correctly in the app, resulting in a third of the power being reported

– 3 phase zappi, CT’s hardwired to zappi not shown correctly in app

– Tesla Model 3 – does not correctly work in ECO+. This will require a firmware update from Tesla