zappi 2 – Firmware Version 2.176

(2.174 – 06/05/2020)

Instructions on how to update the zappi 2 – Firmware Version 2.176 and other myenergi devices can be found -> here <-

zappi 2 – Firmware Version 2.176 Improvements / Changes

The zappi 2 – Firmware Version 2.176 release includes the following improvements:

  • Stability when grid limit is set to a low value (<20A)
  • Handling of grid limit on a three phase zappi when EV is not charging on all three phases
  • Added characters ‘ä’, ‘ü’, ‘ö’
  • Shortened German for ‘to unlock cable’ & ‘Start/Stop’ so it fits on screen

In addition the maximum grid limit when using a harvi for the grid CT’s has been reduced to 65A.   Hardwired CT’s can still be set to have a grid limit up to 100A.

zappi 2 - Firmware Version 2.176Bug fixes

  • Stopping a charge session because of an Installation limit didn’t work in:
    • network mode or;
    • wired mode in 3ph Zappi with a non-3ph capable EV
  • “Charge Complete” was wrongly displayed instead of “Charge Delayed” when an EV would stop battery pre-heating/pre-conditioning


Known Issues

The following known issues remain to be fixed:

  • Tesla Model 3 – does not correctly work in ECO+. This will require a firmware update from Tesla