6th June 2019

9 Famous Celebrities Campaigning for Climate Change

Celebrities play a significant role in today’s society, so it’s amazing to see the world’s most famous stars recognising that our planet is in need of saving, and using their influence to spark change.

Looking after our planet is everyone’s responsibility, but with such widespread fame and fortune, our favourite actors, TV personalities and rockstars can make a colossal difference when it comes to climate change.

Here are some of the stars who we’ve noticed using their powerful voices and campaigning for climate change…

1) Leonardo DiCaprio

“The time to answer the greatest challenge of our existence on this planet is now. You can make history or be vilified by it.” These were the words of actor Leonardo DiCaprio during his speech at the United Nations climate summit in 2014.

Appearing “not as an expert, but as a concerned citizen”, the Titanic, Inception and Catch Me If You Can star likened the way in which the human race have tackled climate change to the same way he has played ‘fictitious characters solving fictitious problems’ throughout his career, as if it were “happening to someone else’s planet”.

You can watch DiCaprio’s full speech at the summit here.

This is not the first time DiCaprio has spoken out about the environment; he also used his highly anticipated Oscar win as a platform to inspire viewers and attendees about climate change.

DiCaprio won the Oscar for his portrayal of Hugh Glass in The Revenant, which he described as a “film about man’s relationship with the natural world”, making it poignantly relevant to environmentalism.

The actor continues to campaign towards saving the planet, so much so that Ban Ki-moon, the South Korean politician widely known for his efforts towards preventing global warming, called him “a new voice for climate advocacy.”

2) Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett has been a strong campaigner for sustainability for quite some time, having spent over $1.5m ensuring her home is as eco-friendly as possible with a 20,000-litre water tank, energy-saving lights, grey water recycling and solar panelling.

The Oscar winner’s enthusiasm for renewable energy was underlined when she, and her husband, helped to install just shy of 2,000 solar panels on the roof of the Sydney Theatre Company in 2010.

The Australian actress also joins the likes of Richard Branson and Ian McEwan as ambassadors of SolarAid, “an international charity, founded in 2006 to combat poverty and climate change.”

3) Cameron Diaz

Another famous actress making huge strides in climate change is Cameron Diaz, whose public relationship with conservation started with 2005’s Trippin’, an MTV show about ecology.

As host of the environmental documentary series, Diaz would travel around the world with other celebrities educating viewers about nature and climate change.

Along with fellow celebs such as Pharrell Williams, John Legend, and Alan Carr, Diaz was a big contributor to Al Gore’s Live Earth event, which we will go into further down in this list.

It is also widely reported that Diaz was one of the first people in the public eye to get behind the wheel of a Toyota Prius, one of the first hybrid electric cars.

4) Sting

“Dear leaders, please do something quick, time is up, the planet’s sick,” sings Sting in One Fine Day, a song he wrote to highlight the need for drastic change.

This was not the first time Sting spoke out about environmental issues. The lead singer of The Police has campaigned for climate change for many years, having founded Rainforest Foundation International 30 years ago.

Rainforest Foundation International tackles deforestation around the world and empowers “indigenous people to defend their ancestral lands.” But Sting did not stop at helping to create such a wonderful foundation, he also took part in 2014’s People’s Climate March, and continues to challenge the world’s biggest leaders to strengthen the fight against global warming.

5) Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle is a celebrity who consistently lends his voice to global issues, particularly climate change. Often described as a climate activist, the UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador writes:

“I hope to use my celebrity to motivate people and contribute to moving our global society back from the brink. I am surprised environment is not at the top of the agenda. What is more important than good and clean air?”

A very good question, Don! The actor also works alongside America’s Citizens Climate Lobby, and Environmental Defense Fund.

6) Al Gore

It’s difficult to talk about climate change and global warming without mentioning Al Gore’s 2006 documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth”. The multi-award winning film projected the former U.S president even further into the role of influential environmentalist.

Gore, a Nobel Peace Prize and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change winner, has  campaigned on behalf of environmental issues for over 40 years, holding the “first congressional hearings on climate change” in 1976.

Other successful movements headed by Al Gore include the Globe Program, The Alliance for Climate Protection and Live Earth, “a seven-continent, 24-hour sequence of concerts… to raise global awareness on climate change.”

7) Sir David Attenborough

Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, won the Sir David Attenborough award for excellence in nature filmmaking, an accolade aptly named after one of the world’s most treasured nature lovers and environmental advocates.

Sir David Attenborough, in the words of the BBC, “has inspired millions by bringing the natural world into our homes” with his documentaries, which beautifully capture the wonders and fragility of nature in today’s world.

When discussing the broadcaster, Time Magazine once stated: “No living person has done more to make the people of Planet Earth aware of the world around them.” So, apart from creating the likes of Blue Planet, Africa and Planet Earth, what else has the iconic British personality done for our home?

The Green Star award winner has been “banging the environmental drum” for decades, drawing from scientific research and his own experiences to drive everyone – from the average BBC viewer to the world’s biggest political figures – to make a difference.

Sir David Attenborough’s legacy will live on forever: he has given the natural world a voice, a platform and a consistent presence in the minds of  many, pushing the boundaries to save the very animals and organisms he so very much enjoys researching and capturing on film.

8) Elon Musk

These days, in most people’s eyes, Elon Musk is the face of sustainability and innovation. The engineer and founder of Tesla is regarded as one of the brightest minds on our planet. And the best news? He’s dedicated to using said powerful brain to secure a better future for the environment.

Likewise to the myenergi team, his mission is to change the world through renewable energy products and vehicles. Tesla, for instance, are pioneering the electric vehicle movement, which will eventually heavily reduce the amount of greenhouse gases caused by petrol and diesel.

Meanwhile, as Tesla continues to create groundbreaking technology, Musk has also invested heavily in solar panels and renewable energy.

Interested to learn more? Why not take a look at our top Elon Musk Inventions and Projects.

9) Robert Llewllyn

Last but certainly not least: Fully Charged host and our good friend, Robert Llewllyn. Robert is an actor, writer and comedian, who most of you will recognise from the likes of Scrapheap Challenge and Red Dwarf, but he is also a huge enthusiast for renewable energy and sustainability.

A shared passion for green energy brought myenergi and Robert together, with our very own Jordan demonstrating our innovative electric vehicle charger, zappi, on his YouTube channel Fully Charged.

Robert continues to be a fantastic friend and advocate of myenergi, and we have loved supporting his fantastic efforts, which include the amazing Fully Charged Live, his annual event that we have sponsored for the last two years.

Discover more details on myenergi’s partnership with Fully Charged.

What can you do to help?

Change can come from anywhere. In fact, a lot of the amazing work being done to save our planet is happening from the ground-up with local citizens and businesses installing solar panels, wind turbines and other renewable energy sources in their homes and offices.

We love nothing more than helping people join us in our mission to create a sustainable future.  Whether you would like to know more about our award-winning green products, or simply want to reduce your carbon footprint or learn how you can self-consume energy, our Green Team are on hand to help.

Experts, activists, enthusiasts, investors… Whatever you may be, let’s work together to change the world and create a brighter future. Before it’s too late.

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