Jordan Brompton

Co Founder & CMO

Jordan Brompton is co-founder and CMO of myenergi, a business focused on changing the world through green technology. Jordan has spent her career gaining deep knowledge and passion in the renewable energy sector. Forging fundamental relationships for the business, creating the brand identity and developing the marketing strategy that has fuelled the expansion of the myenergi business internationally, with significant growth and profit since 2016.


Jordan has founded, invested and worked across multiple roles before teaming up with Lee Sutton to establish myenergi. Her insights and dedication to the green energy space have led her to fundraise multiple initiatives for the myenergi business since its humble beginnings, a team of 6 in a workshop just 4 years ago, now an established brand with over 140 employees and well over 150,000 devices manufactured and sold around the world.


Jordan swapped out her much-loved Mazda 3 for a Nissan Leaf and hasn’t looked back on her journey to driving electric. Now a passionate self-confessed Elon Musk fangirl, Jordan has upgraded to a Tesla Model X and is always hot on the tails of new electric vehicles being introduced to the industry. Always one step ahead, Jordan leads a team who are continuously pushing to innovate and produce effective solutions for the home and workspace. The game-changing technology to come from the incredible talent at myenergi is a testament to how rapidly the adoption of EV’s has grown.


Jordan has embraced her role as Entrepreneur and plans to mentor others hoping to do the same, by being an Eco-Angel Investor. Never one to sit still, she became a published author in 2019, “Sparki and the journey to Earth.”, which focuses on educating children on the importance of working towards a greener future.


Jordan’s pioneering role within the sector has led her to win the leadership award for Make UK as well as being recognised as a prominent female leader within the industry.