Sparki The Alien

Chief of Chiefs & Senior Space Travel Operator

Sparki is an expert in the effects of climate change and how important renewable energy and the electrification of transport is for our planet and it’s inhabitants. Sparki came down from planet ippaz, in galaxy GN-z11.

Sparki travels throughout the galaxies searching for earth like planets and teaches it’s occupants how to look after these precious planets. Sparki is particularly focussed on teaching future generations and wants to inspire children to learn how to look after the environment around them.

Once a shy little alien when he first arrived at myenergi, Sparki is now first to the Karaoke at any opportunity, is slowly becoming a Tik Tok influencer and an avid Cleethorpes Town Fan! So be sure to look out for Sparki if you ever visit the myenergi stadium and ask for a photograph with him!

Use the hashtag #sparki & #myenergi and you could win yourselves a sparki book and plush toy bundle!

Sparki says; “!sdrawkcab morf m’i tenalp eht slleps ippaz taht si ynnuf stahw !ippaz eht ecived gnigrahc VE trams-oce tsrif s’dlrow eht fo sreenoip era igreneym