COVID-19 – Updates

A note for you

Above everything during these difficult times, and to keep you on top of COVID 19 updates, we are here for every customer, supplier, and team member. Our myenergi community is stronger than before and we would like to thank each and every one of you for continuing on this journey with us.

We are pleased to announce our team will be returning to the HQ offices on August 1st 2020 with necessary precautions in place.

Jordan Brompton
Lee Sutton
Chris Myenergi

What’s Changed?

We have taken necessary precautions to ensure everyone’s safety is at the forefront during these difficult times, click the links below for more COVID 19 – Updates:

What remains not only the same, but stronger than ever

COVID 19 - Updates

Our number one priority is safety

We are making every effort to ensure that our processes never put our customers or team in danger or increased threat of catching coronavirus.

Our headquarters and processes have changed as a result of the latest government guidelines, ensuring that anyone who orders our products can do so safely and efficiently.

All of our deliveries are now contactless, using the very best couriers and haulers.

Every step in the production process is completed in line with medical recommendations, and each staff member has been thoroughly briefed on the very best health and safety practices during this pandemic.

Deliveries may face slight delays as a result of these new processes, but we are working with our suppliers every day to maximise efficiency and, most importantly, safety.

COVID 19 - Updates

Our Team

Keeping our team safe

We are equally committed to preserving the health and safety of every team member. Here are the ways in which we are doing so:

  • Office staff are now working safely from home. Our leadership team strives every day to make sure each team member is fully equipped and that their needs are supported as they work remotely.
  • Social distancing measures have been strictly put in place and are being carefully adhered to by every member of our production team. This includes spreading staff out into the now empty sales offices.
  • Shift handover procedures have been altered so that morning and afternoon staff do not ever meet.
  • External visitors are no longer permitted into myenergi HQ, and myenergi staff are not travelling.
  • Our meet-ups have been transformed into informative and highly inclusive webinars.


Please note image was taken before lockdown

Image taken before lockdown

Our Products

Providing positive solutions during lockdown

Each one of our products is designed to give you your power back, reducing your energy bills, carbon footprint and reliance on the national grid.

COVID 19: Updates

Our innovative green products make self-consuming renewable energy from wind turbines and solar panels easier than ever, saving your money and the environment. Here are some points our devices offer during lockdown:

  • Free fuel for your EV/BEV using solar or wind generation.
  • Eliminating the need to go out to a petrol station – fuel from home means less contact with others.
  • Keeping the air pollution as clean as we can – we have seen the amazing benefits in nature and big cities with reduced petrol and diesel vehicles on the road.
  • Free heating for your home – relieving some of the financial struggles while on furlough.
  • Eco friendly products

We’re feeling the love from our clients

It’s been wonderful to hear from so many people about the benefits and savings they are enjoying from the likes of their zappi, eddi and harvi devices

Don’t bother looking at any other home charger, this is the one to choose! 

Had my Zappi Charger installed at the end of June(by James Harding, Horley) and it is a truely fantastic charger. It is so easy to navigate the charging modes and the graphics are extremely clear and beyond informative, all on a bright and perfectly backlit screen. The actual Zappi Charger looks very neat and fits in with the decor at the side of the house and doesn’t look like some of those hideous commercial sized home chargers. The support and communications from MyEnergi was 100% perfect. Don’t bother looking at any other home charger, this is the one to choose!

Michael Schogger

It will cost either the same as my overnight E7 rate or less – or free!!!!!

Love our Zappi! Installed summer 2018 via Octopus and Joju Solar and does exactly what we need. To show how customisable it is, I currently have it set to charge off grid at full speed between 00:30 and 04:30 in the morning, weekdays only and set during the day to only charge if 64% is coming from solar! This means that during the day it will cost either the same as my overnight E7 rate or less – or free!!!!!
Next stop will be an Eddi, to reduce our increasing gas prices for hot water

Dominic Welvoir

Learn more about our products below:

  • zappi: an eco-smart, extremely sufficient EV charger.
  • eddi: Providing free water and storage heating via excess energy from your solar panels or wind turbine.
  • harvi: Measure how much power and money you are saving through self-consuming your own renewable energy. All without hard wiring.
  • hub: Control and monitor your myenergi devices remotely via our hub and app and keep upto date with the latest firmware.


We’re still growing

To have been able to continually expand our team and employ a growing number of people worldwide. This is something we’re very proud of!

We are still welcoming new members to our team, we will soon be opening up our brand-new 15,500 sq ft premises, creating many new jobs and opportunities in the area, check out our careers section to see more.


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We believe it is important that everyone has the opportunity to understand the impact of their actions on the environment. From children to adults, renewable energy experts to relative newcomers, there is something for all of us to learn in our sustainability blogs, guides and resources.

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Jordan, our co-founder and Sales Director, has actually written her own kids’ book – sparki and the journey to Earth – to help young people learn all about climate change and how they can help prevent it. We also have a range of resources available on our website, including a renewable energy homeschooling guide for kids off school during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Webinars – We are welcoming 100’s to our interactive, online webinars. Our installer network is growing rapidly with great success! When the time is right in the future it will be even easier to have your zappis installed!

“The Himalayas have become visible from India for the first time in 30 years”.

“Thank you to the NHS and all key workers who have kept the country running throughout these difficult times”.

“Record numbers of Puffins on Skokholm Island as pollution in Irish Sea falls”.

Our mission

Our aim is to create innovative green solutions for a harmonious future between people and our planet

A kind more sustainable future

From day one, our mission has always been to create a kinder, more sustainable future through community, collaboration and eco-smart technology. That has not, and will not ever, change.

Throughout Covid 19 we have seen so many brilliant acts of kindness and unity around the world. Our spirit has grown stronger, our hope more powerful, and our community even closer.

Although we have made necessary changes to the way we are conducting business right now, our key values remain the same. In this new way of life forced upon us by the virus it has brought emphasis on a green future and our products have not suffered but in fact thrived.


UK Manufacturing

We’re proud to manufacture in the UK

UK manufacturing is extremely important to us. It is a huge part of our ethos, company and team.

As the economy continues to take a hit and supply chains remain broken from covid restrictions, the importance of domestic manufacturing is extremely prevalent right now.

As a green, sustainable company, we wholeheartedly understand that UK manufacturing is better for both our economy and our planet, which is why our co-founders, Jordan Brompton and Lee Sutton, ensure it remains central to the way in which we operate, enabling our products to still reach households worldwide.

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