Hub status lights

The coloured Hub status lights provide information on the status of the hub and the connected devices.

This table provides details of what the different LED’s mean Hub status lights chart


Hub status lights – The buttons

There are two buttons on the hub.  Together these provide access to a number of features/modes:

Pairing with another myenergi device

To put the hub into pairing mode, press the left-hand button (Pair / Channel)

The Power LED will flash red and one of the other LEDs will be lit to indicate which channel the hub is using.  The channel number is written under the LED.

Changing channel

While the hub is in pairing mode (Power LED flashing red), press and hold the left-hand button.  The channel LED will cycle through the channels – Blue for channels 1-4 and White for channels 5-8

Downloading new hub firmware

To upgrade the firmware on the hub:

  • Unplug the power to the hub
  • Press and hold the right hand button (Download)
  • Keep pressing the button while you plug the power back into the hub
  • Check the Hub status lights – when the Power LED turns yellow, release the button
  • Power LED will be Green and Server LED white while the firmware is downloading
  • Once the download is complete the Server LED will turn green (or blue) again

Downloading new firmware images for other myenergi devices

To upgrade the firmware on your myenergi devices, you first need to download the new firmware image to the hub.

  • Press and hold the right-hand button (Download).
  • The Power LED will initially turn yellow.  After three seconds the Power LED will turn green again and the Server LED will turn white
  • Release the button.
  • Once the new firmware images have downloaded the Server LED will turn green (or blue) again

Factory reset

In normal use, it should not be necessary to factory reset the hub.   If Tech Support asks you to reset the hub you can do this by:

  • Unplugging the power to the hub
  • Press and hold both buttons
  • Keep pressing both buttons while you plug the power back into the hub
  • All the Hub status lights LEDs should flash white and then the Power LED will turn yellow
  • Release the buttons

Changing radio frequency

Hubs manufactured from May 2020 onward can operate on two different frequencies – 868Mhz and 915MHz.   The frequency used depends on laws in the country where the hub is being used.  The hub should be supplied from the factory to operate on the correct frequency, but if the frequency needs to be changed then:

  • Press and hold the left hand button (Pair / Channel)
  • Now press and hold the right hand button (Mode / Download) and keep both buttons pressed
    • The power LED indicates the current frequency (Yellow for 915Mhz, Off for 868Mhz)
  • After ten seconds the Server LED will change colour
    • From Off to Yellow when swapping to 915MHz
    • From Yellow to Off when swapping to 868MHz
  • Let go of the buttons

To confirm which radio frequency is being used, put the hub into Pairing Mode.  The Server LED will not be lit for 868MHz and will be yellow for 915MHz