zappi v2Three phase zappi questions

1. Rotating Phases

When charging a single phase EV on a three phase zappi, the power is always taken from zappi phase L1.

If there are several zappis installed together and they are all charging single phase EV’s then phase 1 will be heavily loaded and phasess 2 and 3 will have very little load on them.

To share the load out more evenly it is possble to rotate the connection to each zappi so that the zappi L1 terminal is physically connected to a different phase of the supply.

If you make this change, then it’s also necessary to adjust the Phase Rotation setting in the Advanced/Supply Grid/Device menu.

So you can have :

“L1” Terminal “L2” Terminal “L3” Terminal Phase Rotation Setting
Zappi #1 Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 1/2/3
Zappi #2 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 1 2/3/1
Zappi #3 Phase 3 Phase 1 Phase 2 3/1/2


Note: The CT wiring must match the voltage wiring – so if L3 is connected to terminal 1 of the zappi, then the CT on this phase (ie “CT phase 3”) must be connected to CT input 1, and so on for the other phases