zappi 2 – Firmware Version 2.156 – (Compatibility Release)

(2.156 – 14/01/2020)

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The zappi 2 – Firmware Version 2.156 release deals with a number of incompatibilities between different EV’s, particularly the Tesla and e-Golf.  Testing of this firmware released with both vehicles has confirmed that they will work in Fast, ECO and ECO+, although there are still issues with the Tesla waking up in ECO+ (which can only be resolved by a Tesla firmware update) and

For some vehicles we have also found that the EV will sometimes fail to wake up from ECO+ if the sun starts shining or if a boost is activated, unless there was a short charge within a few minutes of plugging the car in.  To deal with this situation we have added a new option under the “ECO+ Settings” menu “Plug-In Charge”.   This will force a short charge when the EV is first plugged in.

Instructions on how to update the firmware on your zappi and other myenergi devices can be found -> here <-

zappi 2 – Firmware Version 2.156 New Features

  • “Plug-In Charge” in Eco+ mode. Allows Zappi to force a charge session the first time the EV is plugged in. Setting in the “ECO+ Settings” menu.


  • PWM signal at start of charge to EV adjusted to improve compatibility with some EV’s

Bug Fixes

  • Charge logs no longer record double energy value if main charge and pre-conditioning charge take place before cable is unplugged (only applies to charge sessions carried out after the new firmware is installed – will not correct historical readings)


Known Issues

The following known issues remain to be fixed:

– 3 phase zappi, built in CT’s not interpreted correctly in the app, resulting in a third of the power being reported
– 3 phase zappi, CT’s hardwired to zappi not shown correctly in app
– Tesla Model 3 – does not correctly work in ECO+. This will required a firmware update from Tesla