zappi 2 – Firmware Version 2.171

(2.171 – 31/03/2020)

The zappi 2 – Firmware Version 2.171 release includes the following:

  • a number enhancements including allowing the LED colours and brightness to be adjusted and adjusting the behaviour of the backlight on the LCD display so it only comes when there is a user interaction at the zappi itself
  • a change to the tolerances on the “control pilot” (CP) measurement to cope with the unusual behaviour of the Audi e-tron.
  • additional support for 3 phase systems, allowing the connection of a single phase zappi in a 3-phase 3-wire supply, and to allow the ECO+ mode to be used on a three-phase zappi with all three phases energised.
  • changes to the EV wake up sequence following testing of zappi with the MG ZS as well as some minor bug fixes.

Instructions on how to update zappi 2 – Firmware Version 2.171 and other myenergi devices can be found -> here <-

zappi 2 – Firmware Version 2.171


LED Indicator

It is now possible to adjust the brightness of the LED on the front of the zappi , from 100% (default and current) down to 0% (OFF all the time) and to adjust the colour of LED in the different states.

The TEST… menu allows the colour of the LED to be tested to find the correct RGB values to input in the Colours… menu

zappi 2 - Firmware Version 2.171 updates

ECO/ECO+ 3-Phase Support

3-phase charging now supported in ECO and ECO+ modes (tracking surplus). This means that the zappi can now use the full output of PV arrays and other renewable generation with a power output greater than 7kW.

At the moment dynamic switching between single-phase and 3-phase charging in ECO/ECO+ is not yet supported so it necessary to manually select the desired mode on the Charge Settings… menu

ECO 3phase

3-phase 3-wire support

A single phase Zappi will now work on a three 3-phase 3-wire system (220V Line to Line which is a number of countries including in Norway and Belgium)

Zappi2 3 wire IT Grid Support 1 e1582036793390
Zappi 2 installed on a three-phase, 230V wye connected supply with IT earthing (Single-phase zappi installed on a three-phase system)


If used on a -phase, 3-wire system the new “Phase Return” setting in the “Supply Grid” menu needs to be set to match the phase of the cable wired into the “N” terminal of the Zappi  (wiring diagram to be added)

In a 3-phase 4-wire system (3-phase + neutral) then the “Phase Return” menu should be set to Neutral (the default setting)

The menus have also been improved so that the “Supply Grid” menu is now split between “Devices” and “Network”.  “Network” is only accessible by a Master Device and contains settings shared with all devices within the network

Supply Grid Menus

Audi e-tron

The tolerances on the Control Pilot (CP) signal have been increased to allow zappi to work with the unusual CP behaviour of the Audi e-tron


The EV wake up sequence has been modified for the MG ZS which was not responding to the zappi at the start of a timed boost when in ECO+ if the car had been left locked for some time.

LCD Backlight

The LCD backlight only comes on when a button is pressed or when the cable is plugged in / unplugged.   Previously the light had switched on whenever a charge started or stopped, or a new entry was recorded in the event logs.

Bug Fixes

Version 2.163

  • “Charging” was sometimes displayed instead of “EV disconnected”
  • Group limit flag was not reset which meant that the “house icon” may have been displayed continuously

Version 2.168

  • Eventlogs : “Custom” was not checking the months properly. Ex : Events in March could have been added for a February search
  • Changes to communications with the RCD protection board (avoids “Comms Problem” error messages)
  • Power readings could fluctuate by 100W when no CT connected or no load on CT
  • Increased memory allocated to wireless communications – 6 devices now correctly handled on one wireless channel
  • Event/Charge Logs : Last 7 days search (Week) wasn’t taken the leap year into account
  • Eventlogs : “Custom” search could not have been working if more than 7 different days of data was present
  • RGB LED Brightness 0% was doing the same thing as 1%

Version 2.170

  • Timed boost not working correctly if boost period runs past midnight and the timer is not set to operate every day
  • Smart boost – PIN Lock active even if the PIN Lock is disabled

Further changes

Changes being made to the servers this week will resolve the following issues:

  • 3 phase zappi, built in CT’s not interpreted correctly in the app, resulting in a third of the power being reported

Known Issues

The following known issues remain to be fixed:

  • Tesla Model 3 – does not correctly work in ECO+. This will require a firmware update from Tesla