zappi 2 Firmware Version 3.033


The zappi 2 Firmware Version 3.033 release includes a number of significant changes and enhancements.  V3 firmware for zappi 1 and eddi will be released in the coming weeks once Beta testing is complete.

zappi 2 Firmware Version 3.033

IMPORTANT – This is a critical update

The zappi 2 – Firmware Version 3.033 has been released first due a critical update that we have been forced to include due to a safety concern identified with the new (2020) Kia e-Niro and Hyundai Kona which have an onboard three phase charger – see below for details

Failure to update your firmware may lead to damage to your 3-phase zappi if used with one of these vehicles.

Before upgrading the zappi please ensure that you have also updated the firmware on your hub.

Instructions on how to update the firmware on your zappi and other myenergi devices can be found -> here <-

New Features


This zappi 2 – Firmware Version 3.033 includes an update for stop mode. Now, in Stop Mode, the zappi will not charge the EV.  The boost modes are also disabled.

Zappi continues to measure power and communicate with other devices in the network.

This mode can also be set as the default mode on reboot / start-up.  Support of STOP in the app will be provided in the next release of the app.

Single phase zappi – External CT3 now fully supported

The third external CT connection on the single phase zappi can now be used to measure any external circuit (exactly the same as external CT1 and CT2)

Improved functionality with 3rd party diverters

Zappi will now stop taking priority over 3rdparty diverter if there is import for too long, e.g. when the diverter is boosting. Valid for CTs set to “Storage Only”.

Allow remote unlock of the zappi

This feature has been included to allow the zappi to be unlocked via the the app.  This feature will be fully supported in the next release of the app scheduled by  08/08/2020

“Demand Side Response”

With the zappi 2 Firmware Version 3.033, Demand Side Response (DSR) is now fully supported, allowing zappi owners to sign up to third party aggregators.

They can then help support the grid and transmission network by adjusting the zappi charge rate (eg the “FRED Trial” where myenergi are working with a number of other companies to develop this solution and demonstrate its value

zappi 2 - Firmware Version 3.033zappi 2 Firmware Version 3.033 Improvements

  • 3-phase Zappi will attempt to detect if a Kia e-Niro or Hyundai Kona is being charged and prevent switching from single phase to three phase charging unless the EV is unplugged first.
  • Automatic charge session permission after power-cut
  • On a single phase zappi, the external CT3 input can now be used
  • “G100” feature (which detects if a hardwired CT has become disconnected) now only operates if the current being supplied to the zappi is more that 2A – this prevents the G100 limit operating if the house load is perfectly balanced and there is no power being drawn from the grid.
  • “G100” is displayed along with “Installation Limit!” on main screen when this limit occurs.
  • Phase and Grid Current are displayed along with “Installation Limit!” when zappi stops charging due to Grid Limit setting. This will help user understand why the charge has stopped, particularly in a three phase zappi.
  • Improved Grid Limit to prevent occasional power oscillations observed in some circumstances
  • Enhanced fault reporting on main screen for faults #24 Output Fault! and #28 Welded Contactor
  • RGB LED Colour rate changed from 500ms to 5s. Avoids colour changes when house load is small.
  • Power Factor is now displayed in the CT Config menu (similar to harvi CT details screen), this is useful in dealing with installation issues on 3-phase supplies.
  • Swedish translation added.
  • Improvement to way power allocation to batteries / power diverters is handled
  • “Update from Cloud” is automatically set when a Hub is added to the list of paired devices
  • Readings page 7 : displays grid spare current and min/max charging power

zappi 2 Firmware Version 3.033 Bug Fixes

  • “G100” text as not displayed correctly in CT Config menu. (i.e. when zappi detects that the CT measuring the grid supply may be disconnected)
  • Grid CT was only working on CT1 on single phase units
  • “Charge Complete” was wrongly displayed instead of “Charge Delayed” when an EV would stop Battery PreHeating.
  • Incorrect reporting of Green% in Charge Logs
  • Calculation of Green Energy % on main screen updated to match the calculation in the charge logs
  • Fix for voltage information not being sent to server
  • eSense and Boost Timers were starting a charge despite the session not being allowed


Safety Concern – Kia e-Niro and Hyundai Kona (2020 model with three phase onboard charger)

Following the release of the 2020 models of the Kia e-Niro and Hyundai Kona (with three phase onboard charger), we have identified an issue with this EV only when switching between single phase (i.e. ECO/ECO+) and three phase charging (i.e. FAST / BOOST). 

The e-Niro and Kona fail to respond correctly when the output of the zappi changes, resulting in a damage to the zappi and the possibility of the supply MCBs tripping or fuses blowing.

To ensure that this does not happen, zappi will now attempt to detect if an e-Niro or Kona is being charged and will not allow the switch between single phase and three phase operation unless the car is unplugged first.

Please see these pages for more details:

Unfortunately, the way that zappi detects that one of these vehicles is connected means that it may also block the switch from 1-phase to 3-phase charging on vehicles that are able to change charging mode completely safely.

We are very sorry if this affects you but are left little choice given the potential safety issues introduced by these new Kia and Hyundai vehicles.